How to Run Paid Ads for Cryptocurrency

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How to Run Paid Ads for Cryptocurrency

If you have started your own cryptocurrency business, then chances are you are realising just how much competition there is out there. As such, it is important that you know exactly how you can market your business so that you appeal to as broad an audience as possible.

There are a number of different forms of digital marketing, such as SEO, content marketing and social media marketing; however, one of the most effective ways that you and your business are going to be able to see results quickly is by running paid ads. Typically, if you want to run a paid ad, you will have to use a paid advertising platform. This is the same with cryptocurrency, except the platforms you use are a lot more specialised, focusing specifically on crypto marketing. 

These platforms are absolutely crucial when it comes to starting and growing your crypto business, as they are going to help you reach people from all over the world and become visible to whatever target audience you are trying to appeal to. This is where getting people initially interested in your business and heading over to your website starts and, if done right, should generate a good return on investment. 

This article is going to discuss what these paid advertising platforms are in a bit more detail and what platforms might be good to start with. 

What Is a Paid Advertising Platform? 

A paid advertising platform is a platform where you are going to be able to advertise your business and get what you do in front of as many people as possible. They allow different companies to thoroughly market their product using a number of different methods, using different platforms on the web. 

There are a lot of different platforms out there that you could use, but if you operate wholly within the world of cryptocurrency, then you should consider looking into a platform that will facilitate that. If you use any old advertising platform that provides space, you will not be able to cater your ads in the right way or get them in front of the right people. 

Given the popularity of social media and the effectiveness of social media marketing, a lot of businesses choose to use the likes of Facebook and Google crypto ads. Whilst these can be helpful, they do have quite an aversion to cryptocurrency. They have been easing their restrictions a little, but if you want to be sure your business is heading in the right direction, then you cannot only rely on that. If these restrictions are reintroduced or changed, you don’t want to be relying on them. Instead, you need to be using a platform where you know the way things are done will remain consistent and beneficial to your business. 

What Are the Best Paid Advertising Platforms for a Cryptocurrency Business?

So, with the above in mind, what are some of the best-paid advertising platforms for your cryptocurrency business? They include but aren’t limited to: 

YouYaa Programmatic Ads

One of the best in class advertising channels is a true play Programmatic Network that is built on Real-Time-Bidding and highly specific targeting technology.

YouYaa has its own Programmatic Advertising Desk which is backed by a compliance team that supports clients on their legal status of advertising in whichever country you wish to target.

Tied in with the 30 best ad networks in the world it gives you access to over 2 billion users on mobile, desktop, tablets, in-app, digital TV as well as all the traditional websites.

YouYaa can even make your ads for you.


This is a platform that has an extensive community within the world of cryptocurrency, as over 2.6 million users are registered. The numbers continue growing, and thanks to the increasing popularity of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, there is no reason for us to expect this growth to slow down anytime soon either. The people who visit this site are good to market towards as they are not simply organisations that want to look up the cryptocurrency, they are people who want to expand their ad network and do business in the realm of crypto. 


The crypto community that you will find on BuySellAds is pretty impressive, and as such, it is a great place for you to take your business. It is incredibly easy to use, too, as marketers have the ability to advertise their business directly using this single platform as opposed to multiple. 

You are also able to diversify the kind of ads you run on this platform. BuySellAds will help you with the likes of ads, content marketing and banners. Not to mention another benefit is that all of this comes at a reasonable price. 

Ad Dragon 

Launched in 2019, as well as having the coolest name on the list, Ad Dragon is great as it is the first-ever completely decentralised cryptocurrency advertising platform. The unique model, which focuses on peer-to-peer, is a great advertisement platform for businesses and is also very unique. It makes it so that you can match the marketers of your cryptocurrency with potential buyers. Not to mention, due to the decentralisation of the platform, everyone’s personal data is kept private, which is a massive benefit if you’re worried about privacy. 

The Importance of Lead Magnets 

Lead magnets are also very important when it comes to running your cryptocurrency business and showing paid ads. They help when it comes to getting a qualified customer into your sales funnel who would be ready to work with you. 

The magnet is created by the marketer as a means to get prospective customers’ contact details. It is the first step that you are going to need to take when it comes to working out who you will be delivering ads to in order to generate sales. They are great as they help with setting up a buyer-seller relationship in order to convert someone who once purchased to become a recurring customer

Do You Need Help Marketing Your Crypto Business? 

Marketing for cryptocurrency is unlike any other industry out there, and as such, it may well be that you need some assistance with running paid ads and getting your product out there in front of people. If so, then you should consider reaching out to a marketing company; however, you are going to want to make sure that said marketing company is able to see to your cryptocurrency needs. 

YouYaa is a digital marketing industry that works specifically with businesses within the FinTech and Crypto industry. We will get to know your business and run ads and other forms of marketing in order to attract customers and get people over to your site. If you have any further questions on how YouYaa will be able to help your business, then do not hesitate to get in touch.