Online Marketing Agency

What is an Online Marketing Agency and Why is it Important?

There are a number of factors that go into making a successful business and in the current digital age, one of the biggest factors is being able to promote yourself online. Thanks to the number of people that use the internet for so many aspects of their daily life, if you can get your name […]

programmatic advertising

Automation and Real-Time Measurement Are the Main Benefits of Programmatic

The digital landscape is something that anyone who works in both advertising and marketing needs to be fully aware of. Those who work in this field also need to be okay with the fact that said landscape is continually evolving. Thanks to the advancements that are constantly being made in technology, it means that the […]

the future

Is Programmatic the Future of Podcast Advertising

Given how popular podcasts have become recently, it is no surprise that businesses have attempted to capitalise on that by inserting ads within different podcast episodes. Of course, as is the case with any form of advertising, there is an ongoing discussion surrounding what is the most efficient way to do it.  There is currently […]

audience targeting

What Can Programmatic Learn From Its Past Mistakes

They often say that hindsight is 20 – 20. Many often spend their time looking back at memories and realising they were doing something wrong or could have been doing it better. This very much applies to the programmatic industry. As such it only seems appropriate to have a look back at such a market […]