Support one another and prosper together.

In these unprecedented times that have not come in generations, when we are social distancing and self-isolating, there are more and more companies, communities and people coming together to help and support each other to ensure we all survive the coming 3-6 months.

By coming together and providing genuine support, collectively, our businesses can and will survive. Central governments are stepping in to help businesses, communities are supporting local businesses as well as friends and family stepping in where they can to help.

We will always prosper together.

No management fee

Which is why, at, we have decided to waive all management fees for 6 months for companies that wish to run display advertising through the YouYaa, globally.

What this means, we will design, build, launch and manage display advertising campaigns for your business. We will run it for 6 months and not charge you for our time. All you have to cover is the media spend on running the ads and, 100% of that goes into your advertising.

If you are interested in finding out if we can work together and if you can take advantage of this offer, then please book a 30-minute call with us at a time that suits you best here:

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