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neobank customer acquisition costs

Customer Acquisition Costs for Traditional Banks vs Neobanks

When you consider banking, your mind probably goes to large brick-and-mortar offices, hardly functioning ATMs and too much paperwork to see over. Well, as is the case with many different organisations and industries in the 21st Century, the internet and developments in technology have brought about change to the way that we see banking. There […]

The Difference Between a Neobank and a Digital Bank

The Difference Between a Neobank and a Digital Bank

If you think hard enough, you are going to be able to consider a few things that you and all other individuals have in common. This could include a smile, biological parents and something that seems to be a bit of a rite of passage growing up, a bank account. Back in the day, opening […]

How to target High-Net-Worth Individuals

How Can You Effectively Market to High-Net-Worth Individuals?

High-net-worth individuals (otherwise known as HNWIs) and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (known as UHNWIs) are an incredibly attractive and lucrative audience that a number of different businesses try to market towards. That being said, it can be very hard to market to these groups due to the fact they represent such a small amount of the world’s […]

woman using mobile phone

All You Need to Know About New Commission-Free Investing App Dodl

It was announced very recently that AJ Bell would be launching a new investment app that is entirely commission-free. The reasoning behind the creation of such an app is to try and attract younger people who might want to get involved in investing but aren’t too sure where they should start.  Of course, to stay […]