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Cryptocurrency Marketing

Crypto Marketing

Crypto or Cryptocurrency marketing is one of the most challenging and time-consuming industries of our time. Both from a regulation perspective and consumer adoption, it has been an uphill battle.

Now, the tide is turning. There is more genuine interest in crypto than ever before and that means competition is rising.

YouYaa crypto marketing is a market-leading and unique solution to drive growth, scale and revenue through a mixture of advertising, content production, social media and PR.

Programmatic Advertising

Running paid ads for your crypto business has never been easy, which is why we built our own Programmatic Advertising network to give you access to over 2 billion users worldwide.

  • Programmatic targeting
  • Real-time bidding 
  • Display ads
  • Rich media ads
  • Video ads
  • In-app ads
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Search Engine Optimization

As time goes by, it becomes more complicated to rank higher on Google.

Using our in-house ARC system, we make it easier for Web3 companies to rank higher on search engines. 

  1. On-site SEO
  2. Off-site SEO
  3. Credibility building

Content Development

There is an old saying, “Content is king”, well, that saying may be old but it’s as true today as it was back then.

All crypto and Web3 companies require engaging content in a variety of formats to capture the attention of the people you need to speak to.

  1. Written content
  2. Video
  3. Photography
  4. Animations
content production
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Social Media

Social media for crypto and Web3 organisations is absolutely vital to their success.

With the restrictions that Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Amazon place on the crypto industry means high quality social media is very important.

Having a strongly developed social strategy allows you to speak to and manage the narrative for your brand.

  1. Content planning
  2. Content production
  3. Content posting

Digital Tools

The amount of volume and scale that crypto and Web3 firms need means a fully manual process simply isn’t possible which is why we come with not only the best consultancy but we will wither bring the best tools or help you find the right tool for your business.

digital tools

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