5 FinTech Focused Products to Download Now

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5 FinTech Focused Products to Download Now

Two major sectors that continue to dominate our lives include that of finance and technology. Both industries seem to evolve in unison because as technology develops, so too do the ways it can be implemented to improve people’s finances as well. As such, one market that has continually seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years is that of FinTech. 

There has been a lot of different FinTech companies start-up recently as a result of this surge and they have started to raise truly eye-catching figures in terms of both revenue and overall profit. This shows that not only is there the technology for such companies to exist but also the audience is ready to use them once they’re created. As such, it’s no surprise that more and more organisations are reaching out to Global Performance Marketing Agencies such as YouYaa for help marketing their FinTech businesses in order to thrive. 

So, with that in mind, here are 5 companies that focus predominantly on FinTech and offer products you should be downloading immediately. 

Different Types of FinTech Products 

If you are reasonably new to the world of FinTech then you may well be wondering what these products are going to consist of. Generally speaking, FinTech companies products come in a few different variations, including: 

  • A variety of different apps are available that focus predominantly on mobile banking and work with money transfers, paying bills and sending invoices. 
  • Finance apps have been created in order to trade different stocks as well as provide information that will allow people to make a profit within the stock market.
  • Payment gateway integration apps that are used for the likes of bitcoin and blockchain

Here are some of the best products that are currently on the market. 



MoneyLion was originally founded in the US and is currently doing so well that it is valued at $1billion. The app is designed so people can use it to manage their personal finances – this means that they can get information pertaining to loans, lending, savings and overall wealth management. 

The app makes money because in order to use it, users need to sign up for a subscription package which usually comes at a cost of $19.99 a month and with that, users get an array of different benefits. Namely, the efficient online services that can be used across 50,000 free ATMs and there is also the bonus users are offered a 5.99% APR loan that can keep savings progress on track. 



The Chime app is relatively new but is still growing quickly throughout the US. It is a great tool for budgeting as it allows users to manage what they’re spending on their saving apps without there being any kind of hidden transaction fees. It is a great tool that is being used by people across America. 

There are several different budgeting apps out there and so what is it that makes Chime different? Well, this app works automatically as it takes 10% of the user’s paycheck and puts it into a savings account. Users can get access to their paycheck earlier with Chime as well and the online banking service can be used across 30,000 free ATMs. 



Currently valued at $11.7billion Robinhood is an app that is currently flaunting its way through the FinTech market. A lot of people are currently interested in investing but don’t know where to start. Robinhood has come along in order to help its users invest in public companies a lot easier. The app does not come with any kind of commission fees and even has its own clearing system.  



This app is one based in London and is making waves throughout FinTech as it is a banking app that provides a range of different services including a prepaid debit card, cryptocurrency exchange, regular current exchange and payments from peer-to-peer. The app is great as it supports money withdrawals from ATMs in 120 different currencies and you can send different currencies straight from the mobile app as well. Customers can also use Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies on the app like Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, which is great in today’s market given such currency seems to only be getting more and more popular



Established in London in February 2020, Rizq is a true child of the global covid pandemic. Despite starting during a time when societies were shut down, Rizq has been turning heads throughout the industry as it has been featured in the likes of The Guardian, Fintech Futures and The Fintech Times. So, what does it do? 

Rizq positions itself as the UK’s first ethical and sharia-compliant digital app.  Rizq provides two apps, one for the Retail user and one for the Business user with both apps focused on ethical controls to support the users ethical business. Specifically, being able to provide its users with app facilities that allow both fast, transparent and flexible money management in order to better control finances. Users can also benefit from unlimited ATM withdrawals up to £200 per month nationwide when they become a member. 

Some of the main benefits that users can’t get enough of include; the instant transfer of money, spending statistics that get generated, the security that comes with having an account built on modern security and the ability to organise your financial goals more efficiently. 


The realm of FinTech is one that continues to expand and develop thanks to the constant additions that have been made in its foundations, finance and technology. As such, there are a number of FinTech companies out there who are providing innovative products that are helping customers worldwide and prove to be very popular (such as those stated above). 

If you would like to learn more about how to market your FinTech company then you should look to enlist the help of a marketing company who specialise in as much as YouYaa. You can also be kept up to date with the latest news in FinTech thanks to their blog. If you have any questions about the services that YouYaa can provide then do not hesitate to get in touch.