The 3 Challenges of Lead Generation

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The 3 Challenges of Lead Generation

There are a great number of challenges that businesses face and one of the most frustrating and time-consuming is that of lead generation. Sure, you can have amazing staff and great salespeople, but calling somebody with the intention of turning them into a lead and then subsequently converting that lead into a sale is not a straightforward formula. In fact, it continues to be an increasingly frustrating puzzle for several different lead generators, managers and sales teams across the world. 

The struggle is evidenced by the fact that a majority of companies see the issue of lead generation as one of their biggest hurdles in day-to-day life. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account including the volume of calls, the overall quality of those calls and then of course whether or not they actually end up being productive. 

These issues lead many different companies to enlist the help of different professional marketing agencies such as YouYaa. So, what is it that these companies consider being some of the biggest challenges when it comes to lead generation? This article will discuss exactly that in more detail. 


Having Data that is Accurate and Can Be Relied Upon 

Cold calling is always an option when it comes to getting the ball rolling with lead generation, but this can be time-consuming and also counter-productive. If the receivers of the phone calls are not interested, they could label your organisation as spam and time-wasting. As such, there is no getting around the fact that one of the things businesses need to have in order to practice good lead generation is an up-to-date marketing database. The fact of the matter is that if you have a solid marketing database then the amount of success that comes from your lead generation is going to increase. 

Up-to-date data can also make your business more productive. It means that the conversations had between staff members will be more knowledgeable and recommendations can be made for potential leads when new products or news comes in. All in all, this is going to make it so that the internal loop occurring within your business is a lot stronger, the sense of teamwork is going to be firmer and the number of sales made from lead generation will improve as well. 

When it comes to getting started with lead generation, a strong database with up-to-date information on it will form the foundation that the rest of your model can be built upon. 


Making Sure You’re Hiring the Right People 

Hiring the right people is important regardless of the purpose they are going to serve for your business; however, if you do not have the right salespeople on board then it doesn’t matter how good your research and data is, it will fall by the wayside. As such, you need to make sure that you are taking sufficient steps so that the people you are getting on board as part of your team are the right people.

A few ways you can make sure you’re hiring the right people include: 

  • Assessing the culture of your company in order that you end up hiring people that are going to be able to meet your company’s needs. As such, you are going to want to think about what your company’s mission is, what its values are and the kind of individual you think is going to be able to meet those values. 
  • When writing your job description, be clear in what you want. By doing this you are making sure that everyone who applies for the role understands what it involves and what is expected of them. 
  • Ensure your interviews are well structured. One of the most important parts of the hiring process is the interview, as this is where you will get a real feel for what your candidate is like and what they are capable of. As such, you should make sure your interviews are well structured in order to get as much information about your candidate as possible.


The Quality of the Call 

A lot of lead generators find it very difficult to work out the balance between the number of calls that are made and what the quality of those calls is actually like. Sure, you could be making a massive volume of calls in a day but if they are not leading to solid connections then the number of calls is reasonably moot. Are you actually talking or just leaving messages? If you are talking then are you doing so in a way where you are forming relationships with genuine conversations? You need to make sure you are actively shaping your conversation so that it is leading to a potential sale as opposed to just racking up the number of calls that are going out daily. 



There are a number of different issues that businesses face, but it is widely accepted one of the biggest obstacles is being able to generate sufficient leads and then subsequently converting those leads into sales. The fact is, all businesses are going to be interested in the best ways they can drive sales and there is no getting around the fact that accumulating sufficient leads is the best way. 

As such, it is important your business is aware of potential obstacles and then overcoming them as best as possible. That is why it might be worth your time enlisting the help of a global marketing agency such as YouYaa. YouYaa have helped all kinds of businesses improve their reach and sales because they understand the problems that businesses commonly face. If you have any questions on how else YouYaa can help, then you should not hesitate to get in touch.