Automation and Real-Time Measurement Are the Main Benefits of Programmatic

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Automation and Real-Time Measurement Are the Main Benefits of Programmatic

The digital landscape is something that anyone who works in both advertising and marketing needs to be fully aware of. Those who work in this field also need to be okay with the fact that said landscape is continually evolving. Thanks to the advancements that are constantly being made in technology, it means that the different ways a business is able to market themselves are always changing. One of the more recent examples of this can be seen in programmatic advertising. 


What is Programmatic Advertising? 

Programmatic advertising is a type of technology that has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years. It essentially allows the marketer to take back control of the media. Driven entirely by transparency and the continuous need to counteract all of the recent rises in different kinds of ad fraud, programmatic advertising comes with a range of different benefits in regard to both automation and the ability to measure the marketers return on how much they have spent on their ad in real time. There are of course more benefits to such advertising than just this as they offer a lot when it comes to swaying marketers and advertisers buying their media. 


What Are the Main Advantages of Programmatic Advertising? 

There are a variety of different reasons as to why programmatic advertising can benefit marketers and the businesses they represent. The two main advantages that people usually identify with are the real-time measurement and automation that come with it. 


Thanks to the automation that comes with programmatic advertising, there are many people who use it because of how much it can improve their businesses overall efficiency and the efficiency of their digital marketing strategies. This is brought on because of the fact this kind of advertising allows users to measure how their campaign is running and because these results tend to be automated, it means that advertisers are able to track and make the necessary adjustments to their marketing strategies in terms of optimisation whenever it is appropriate. 

Real-time Measurement 

As was recently mentioned above, the real-time measurement elements of programmatic advertising are also a huge benefit to advertisers, in fact some marketers and advertisers would more than likely bite your hand off at the offer of real-time measurement. When you are using programmatic advertising, you are granted the ability to measure exactly how well a campaign or overall target is performing the minute that it is launched. Of course, though you can measure the results immediately, you should wait a week or so to give the ad time to be seen by a specific amount of people, you don’t want to be making changes right away. 

This is different to how traditional advertising used to go, as previously, when people had to pay for an ad on a billboard or print advertisement, it was incredibly difficult to track how well it was doing. This is because you couldn’t gauge how effective it was in terms of generating interest in your brand as the only figure you would have for this is those who have subsequently bought something off you. You can’t work out how effective the ad is as you don’t know how many people have seen it and whether they were interested but simply couldn’t carry out a transaction for other reasons. Not only this but once the ad was up, it couldn’t be changed. Your print ad was your print ad. 

When you have a programmatic ad, you are able to keep an eye on just how effective it is. As a result, you can plan future marketing strategies and also make changes to your current one if it is not performing as well as past ads. 


What Are the Other Benefits to Using Programmatic Advertising?

There are of course other benefits too, which include: 

Increased Transparency & Control 

There is an added layer of transparency that comes with the use of programmatic advertising. This is something that in previous years, advertisers and marketers have not been able to get out of just using traditional marketing methods. Now, they are able to see the kind of sites that their ads are reaching and who the customer is that will be looking at their ad. This is beneficial as they can ensure that the audience they are reaching are people who are likely going to be interested in and engage further with their product. 

Increase Your Overall Audience Reach 

You are also massively increasing how many people your ad is likely to reach when you use programmatic advertising. The amount of people who use the internet on a daily basis is unfathomable and because of the nature of the internet, this audience is global. As such, the reach that your ad is likely to have will be able to get in front of a much wider variety of different people. Of course, you are going to want to take steps in order to narrow down these consumers so that your ad is as effective as possible. This leads into the final benefit. 

You Are Able to Target a Lot More Effectively 

One of the best things that come with running programmatic advertising is the ability of being able to target your ads. There is no point in paying for an ad that is not going to be put in front of people who are interested in it. As such, targeting your ad towards people who are likely to have a genuine interest in what you have to offer can be massive for your business. 


Do You Need Help with Using Programmatic Advertising? 

Due to the huge array of benefits that come with programmatic advertising, it is no surprise that your business is likely going to want to start incorporating it into your marketing strategies. This can be tricky to do in an effective way and as such, it could be in your best interest to enlist the help of a global performance marketing agency such as YouYaa. We are committed to helping a business grow using effective marketing strategies. If you have any questions about how we can help your business grow, then do not hesitate to get in touch.