How to Market Your Fintech Business During the Festive Period

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How to Market Your Fintech Business During the Festive Period

It’s finally here. The nights are getting darker, days are getting shorter, the wind is getting colder, and the faint sound of sleigh bells can be heard in the distance. The festive period is loved by many,  but when it comes to Fintech businesses and organisations that operate within the B2B and B2C sphere, it can also be a challenging time of the year.

This is because when the festive period rocks up, you find that a number of retail and e-commerce giants completely dominate the marketing world, getting products in front of consumers at every conceivable opportunity. As such, it means that when businesses such as Fintech organisations try to brainstorm more innovative ideas, it can be hard to do so.

So, do you wait for a Christmas miracle? Not necessarily. If you are one of these Fintech marketers who is trying to get over the festive slump, then you will be happy to know that there are a few different techniques available to you which have proven to be effective. You should always consider enlisting the help of experts to really bring your marketing strategies to life, as they can take some of these methods and use them to generate customers.


Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Undoubtedly, having a social media presence for your business is very important. It has been suggested by experts that millennial consumers spend the majority of their business day on the likes of Instagram and Facebook. There is a massive impact brought forward by the likes of influencer marketing, Facebook ads and just generally having a social media presence that allows you to further engage with your audience.

Statistics from 2017 provided that about 2 billion business messages were exchanged over social media sites, proving how fundamental it has become when running a business. This will have increased even further in the past five years thanks to the pandemic, making it so that people who did not use a business remotely then had to. As such, more business owners will be using social media as a result.

When you think about the festive period, if the stats for businesses on social media are like this year-round, then a large boom can be expected to be seen over the festive period. People are going to be socialising and going on different social media sites throughout the festive period, and, as such, your Fintech marketing strategy needs to really hone in on how you use social media to your advantage.

So, what kind of social media content should you be creating? This varies, but within the world of Fintech, your content should focus on different brand offers and educational content, as this will really appeal to consumers within your market. A regular brand presence on all forms of social media will allow your audience to become familiar with the pieces of advice that you can offer and also your brand as a whole. Use social media to offer holiday tips around the kind of market that you operate in, as this is going to appeal to a wide range of consumers.


Become Santa Claus

Given the time of the year, you can really use the festive period to your advantage when it comes to promoting your business and generating customer interest. As such, you should be sure to strategise your promotional marketing by offering a number of different Christmas giveaways. These giveaways can be tied in with the time of the year but then also with the holiday itself. For instance, if your Fintech company works with cryptocurrency then you could brand the giveaway as “Crypto-Christmas!” This can help by really appealing to the Christmas spirit within your consumers.


Loss Can Sometimes Be a Gain

You should view the festive period as an excellent chance to build your brand and expand your audience, but this might not immediately translate to a monetary increase. A lot of the time, you could engage with your audience by having a quiz on the service you offer and then intertwine facts about your brand with it. Alternatively, you could do one of the giveaways as mentioned above but only make it so that it is valid to people who follow you on a social media platform. People are going to be willing to engage in these different activities, and this will help your organisation’s overall growth; even if it might not directly correlate to monetary gain right now, it will do later down the line.


Throw a Christmas Party

If you want to really focus on B2B marketing, then one of the most effective ways you are able to do this is by having your own Christmas party. Even though a lot of Fintech marketing usually tends to happen online, you can make an exception, given the time of the year. The party doesn’t have to be anything too over the top, just having some drinks and speaking to people about what your business does and how they are going to be able to benefit from using it will suffice. It’s a good way to make a good impression with potential future customers.


Do You Need Help with Your Fintech Marketing?

Fintech marketing can always be a bit difficult, but this is especially the case around the festive period. This is because in the lead-up to Christmas, all marketing strategies are used by large corporations and as such, it can take a lot of work to really get a look in. That being said, there are methods available to you, such as those listed above, that you can utilise, which should help you continue to grow your brand over the Christmas period.

If you need assistance, then consider enlisting the help of a marketing agency such as YouYaa. At YouYaa, our team of experts will be able to understand your business and provide advice on how you can effectively move forward with your marketing strategy. If you would like further information or have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.