Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Ads

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Facebook Ads

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Ads

Facebook was founded in 2004 in Massachusetts. As such, it’s certainly not something that people deem new and it’s also not a new line of thinking to want to head towards Facebook as a means to promote your business. That being said, a lot has changed since the social media site initially launched its marketing platform as it constantly seems to develop in order to offer both advertisers and consumers the best experience possible. 


The Benefits of Using Facebook Ads 

As a marketing tool, it’s no wonder the site is so popular given the overall reach that it has, which is thanks to an impressive 1.56 billion daily active users. The social influence that can be achieved through such a large usage is massive and the potential benefits it could have to your business are huge. 

Not only is there the amount of people who visit the site but the time they are spending on it is substantial. The average person spends roughly 30 minutes on the app a day, which considering we sleep 8 hours works out at about 7% of our time. 

So, what should you do if you want to use Facebook, specifically their marketing services, in order to benefit your business? We at YouYaa, as a digital marketing agency, are proficient at utilising social media as a means to grow businesses and so have put together the below guide and using Facebook in this sense. 


An Inbound Strategy

Realistically, there is no sure-fire way to use Facebook as a tool for promoting your business as there are many different methods that could work for you. One of the most effective though, and one that really utilises what makes advertising on social media unique, is an inbound strategy. 

This is where you remain accessible to your audience by being both helpful and relatable. Essentially, by using the app you will better understand what your customers want and work with them to overcome challenges and grow your business. The best way to do this is to put yourself where your audience is already spending their time, which in this instance is Facebook. 

If you are merely downloading Facebook because you have been told to do so is a solid business move, there is little point continuing. Utilising this app to the fullest extent takes a lot of work and requires consistent commitment. It’s for these reasons that a lot of organisations reach out to marketing agencies to handle their Facebook strategy rather than doing it on their own.  

So, now you know just how important Facebook is and how you can use it to grow your business, where do you start? 


Create a Facebook Page

Rather than create a personal profile, as a business you will need to create a page. This is the business equivalent of creating a profile. They both look very similar but by creating a page, you’ll have access to information and resources only available to businesses. 

When you are choosing the name for your business, you should do so wisely. Facebook will usually let you change your page name and that of your URL, but it can be quite a tedious process, so it’s best to get it right the first time. 


Promoting Your Page with Ads 

Promoting your page is one of the most efficient ways to get likes and also generate traffic to your website. These new customers will hopefully lead to a higher conversion rate which will allow your business to grow. You can do this organically by posting regularly; however, it is much more effective to take out a Facebook ad. You can do this by creating an ad campaign and these can take the forms of images, videos, polls, carousels and more. 


Set an Objective 

When you are about to run an ad campaign, Facebook will give you a list of options that outline what you may like to achieve with your ad. These options include benefits such as improving your reach, driving traffic and creating brand awareness. This will affect the type of ad that you end up creating. 


Complete Campaign Details 

You will be given a list of details surrounding your campaign that you will need to complete before moving on. These include naming your ad, choosing a category, selecting A/B testing and picking a budget and a schedule. 


Choose an Audience

Being able to put your ad in front of those who will actually be interested in what it contains is one of the main benefits of using Facebook. You should set a target audience which can be done by picking an age and location, plus, you can make it so your ad is only shown to those who have engaged with businesses similar to yours. Given that a lot of the time with these campaigns you pay for every click, having it so that the people who click on your site are likely to lead to a sale makes promoting yourself on Facebook extremely cost effective. 


Choose an Ad Placement 

An ad placement is effectively where your ad will be shown. It could be on Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. You have the option to choose automatic placement, which will choose placements for you depending on where they’re most successful; however, as time goes on and you have a better idea for what works, you can be much more proficient with choosing what works and what doesn’t. 


Create Your Ad

The final step is to create your ad. Facebook has set templates depending on what you want your ad to do but realistically, it is more beneficial outsourcing to professionals for this point so that they can make your ad stand out amongst everything that users are normally greeted with. 


Track How Effective Your Ads Are

There are so many ways that you can promote yourself on Facebook that it is incredibly important you are able to keep track of which methods work best for you. You can easily keep track of how well your posts are doing by using the following tools: 


Page Insights 

By using Page Insights, you will be brought to an overview section. This will give you a seven-day snapshot of the most important activity on your Page. There are many different subsections within your insights that will give you an idea as to how your content is doing. 



The first thing to check is likes as this will give you an indication as to how many you have gained or lost each day. 



This will give you an idea as to the number of people that your posts were served to. They will be broken down by traffic that you have gained organically and paid traffic. The more likes, comments and overall engagement your post gets, the more it shows up in people’s feeds. As such, when one of these lines grows, the other should do so too. 



Using Facebook as a means to promote your business can be incredibly effective. Given the amount of people who use the social media site, plus the easy-to-use system that Facebook offers, having a strong online presence here is crucial. 

If you want your ads to stand out, you should consider hiring a marketing agency who can do that for you such as YouYaa. YouYaa are in charge of many successful marketing campaigns as they use Facebook and other social media sites to really spread the name of organisations. If you have any further questions surrounding their services, then do not hesitate to get in touch.