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weetabix and beans

Weetabix and beans horror

By now, you must have seen the joy (or horror) that Weetabix put out on their Twitter account on 9th of Feb 2021.

Baked beans on two Weetabix for breakfast! Now I’m a fan of both, but together?! No no no!  I’m not a social genius like a lot of people out there so couldn’t come up with a smart Twitter response however, the number of companies that got on the wagon and joined in just makes this one tweet an absolute joy to read!

It was an absolute ingenious marketing strategy to have some fun and get a response from people.

On 18 Feb that one tweet has:

  • 68,100 quoted retweets

These are metrics that any brand would kill for.

Epic responses

Below is just a small collection of responses from some of the brands that almost everyone knows the world over.

Weetabix beans NHS tweet
weetabix beans TFL tweet
weetabix beans Nandos KFC tweet
Weetabix beans Tinder tweet
Weetabix beans Pfizer KFC tweet

We could keep going, there are so many more wonderful responses and they all made us smile and LOL!

Go check out the original tweet from Weetabix and let us know which tweet is your fav in the comments below.