A Guide to Using LinkedIn For Your Companies Marketing

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A Guide to Using LinkedIn For Your Companies Marketing

In 2003, LinkedIn was launched with the primary purpose of being used for professional networking. In less than 20 years it has attracted over 600 million users worldwide and remains one of the most important apps to have when it comes to finding work and promoting your business. More so than ever are people taking to the platform in order to market the work that their company does whilst obtaining customers, connections and potential employees in the process.

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Why Should Your Company Have a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

Every business should develop an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy because when these are carried out correctly they can build brand awareness and help forge long-term professional relationships. Because of the fact this app is frequently visited by so many senior-level influencers, thought leaders and decision-makers, having a presence on LinkedIn that grabs people’s attention is paramount.

Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, which can be excellent tools for grabbing the attention of consumers, LinkedIn offers a great opportunity for B2B marketers. LinkedIn recently published information that confirmed their site drives more B2B traffic than Facebook, Twitter and other competitors combined. As such, it is clear that having an airtight marketing strategy for LinkedIn is crucial for any business. Below is a guide on how you can use LinkedIn for your Company’s Marketing.

Set Up What Your Goals Are

Before you begin marketing using LinkedIn, you need to understand what you are hoping to achieve as that will determine the type of content you publish and the approach you should take when distributing it. Goals vary for every business, but they typically include:

  • Building brand awareness;
  • Generating leads;
  • Engaging with your target audience;
  • Selling your products or services; and
  • Strengthening your brand reputation.

Understand Your Audience

Once you have a clear understanding of what your goals are, you need to define who makes your target audience. Are you attempting to reach out to consumers? Potential employees? Other businesses? Whoever it is will determine how you should be marketing yourself.

You can cater your work to your target audience by using different parameters including geographic location, the specific industry you work in and people’s job title. A good example is if you are trying to sell an eBook on influence in marketing, then your target audience will have job titles like “Social Media Manager” as they will be marketing professionals.

You should utilise the analytics tool on your Companies Page to understand who your content is reaching. This will be a good indication as to whether the strategy you implement is as effective as it can be.

Make Sure Your Company Page is Captivating

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to marketing on LinkedIn. Of course, drawing people to your page is incredibly important but you need to ensure what they’re met with is enough to make them want to stay. It will be the first interaction that you have with your audience and these first impressions are crucial. 

You should make sure your company logo, links to your website, the size of your company, your businesses ethos and all other details that are important to you are clearly visible. By adding these you are giving visitors a detailed insight into what your business does and why they should engage with you further.

Optimise Your Company Page

You will likely be aware of the importance of optimising your website so that it appears in searches, well the same applies to your LinkedIn Page. A well-optimised page will increase your visibility on the site, which makes it easier for people to come across your business and understand what you do.

To increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile you will need to ensure you are publishing content that contains Keywords. These keywords will be words and phrases that people use to search for businesses in your area. The content you publish will need to be up to date, so ensure you stay on top of trends in your market.

You should also ensure you are providing a link to your company page, which you can do by regularly posting relevant blogs, updates and newsletters.

Page optimisation can be extremely difficult, which is why a lot of businesses opt to use Digital Marketing Agencies to help with this.

Consider Your Competitors

LinkedIn provides a helpful feature called “companies to track” that will provide a list of companies similar to yours. It is important to keep an eye on your competitors as this will help you assess whether what you are posting on your site is the most effective content to reach your target audience.

Promote Your Page

A compelling company page isn’t sufficient if nobody is looking at it. As well as optimising your page for search, you should also encourage people on LinkedIn to have a look at your work and follow you. This will mean all updates your company has will show up on people’s feed, meaning your content will be seen and shared. Another added bonus is that a larger follower count reinforces your company’s credibility.

One of the best ways to generate followers is to ask all of your employees and colleagues to follow your page and share your posts. Another effective method is by adding a “follow” option for your LinkedIn page in your email signature, as well as on your blog, website and any other social media platforms that you use.

Use Images and Videos

In order to maximise your audience engagement, the content you publish should be easy for people to follow. One of the most effective ways to grab your audience’s attention is by using images and videos, which LinkedIn recently confirmed leads to double the comment rate, all of which will help with further promotion of your page.

Be Consistent with Your Content

Consistency is very important when it comes to gaining traction on any social media platform. Publishing engaging, entertaining and relevant content on a frequent basis helps build anticipation around your brand and amongst your followers. 

LinkedIn recommends you post content daily in order to retain that connection with the audience your build. To do this some people create content calendars to follow, whereas others enlist the help of Digital Marketing Companies that specialise in Traffic Generation.

Things to Consider

The above is a helpful breakdown on how you can use LinkedIn to effectively market your company; however, promoting yourself using these tips whilst running your business can be a lot of work to take on. We are seeing more and more people reach out to companies like YouYaa for help in growing their business and this has generated some incredibly positive results.

If you are a business owner and would like to use LinkedIn and other strategies to help promote and market your business, then please do not hesitate to contact our Digital Web Developers and we will be able to help.