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what is sandbox

What is Sandbox?

It’s exciting that despite technology currently fulfilling so many different aspects of our everyday life, developers do not let it plateau or allow the evolution of technology to remain stagnant. Instead, there are several ways that technology is constantly changing, and one of the most exciting modern versions is within Sandbox. Sandbox embraces modern tech and uses it to evolve, giving its users plenty of different activities and avenues to explore. These will all be discussed in a bit more detail below, so make sure that you keep reading to find out more.


What Is Sandbox?

Sandbox is a virtual world that exists as a branch of the metaverse. It embraces the likes of augmented reality and virtual reality, as well as blockchain technology like cryptocurrency and NFTs, to efficiently develop a world where people can roam around, meet others and properly engage with their creative side. Rather than ask what you can do in Sandbox, a better question is to ask what you can’t do. In a world like this, where the development relies on the creative nature of whoever is using it, the possibilities well and truly are endless.


Different Features in Sandbox

There are several different features contained within Sandbox. These predominantly include some of the following:


Play With Your Avatar

When you use any kind of online gaming, you can choose your profile icon, which will show up whenever somebody is talking to you or playing with you. Sandbox goes that one step further, as using this software allows you to develop your very own avatar. You can add whatever features you would like to your avatar and will then be able to embody them to explore the rest of the Sandbox metaverse as an extension of yourself.


Become a Landowner

Blockchain and NFT technology have made it so that now, people can actually own chunks of the internet. The non-fungible element of a non-fungible token means that people cannot replicate it in any way. This has led to the development of different images that people on the internet now own, but the Sandbox goes further and lets you buy your very own piece of land. Using this, you can host and experience unique events, access exclusive content, benefit from different farming perks, and get premium staking and monetisation options. It’s an exciting technological advancement that could lead to much more.


Purchase Other NFTs

The purchase of land is not where ownership within the Sandbox starts and stops, though. There are a lot of other NFT options out there that you have the opportunity to take advantage of. This could mean buying various images, avatars, and games and even purchasing different crypto tokens which you can use within the game. The experience you can have within Sandbox is determined entirely by you, which makes using it more exciting, innovative and creative than ever.


News Within Sandbox

Sandbox is constantly developing, and that makes it very exciting. There have been a few developments within the world of avatars, experiences and partnerships which you might want to note, as doing so could enhance your use of the platform and improve your experience.



Madballs and Sandbox have recently come together to announce that they are going to be launching a brand-new avatar collection which users will be able to use. Madballs are an iconic 80’s property that sold millions of toys; working together is very exciting. Each avatar will come with a hint of nostalgia as it will be based on one of these iconic characters; however, there will also be some never-seen-before designs, so keep your eyes peeled for them.



On top of that, new experiences are constantly being added to Sandbox, as seen in the recent announcement that they would be celebrating Chinese New Year by launching a year of the Rabbit, Rabbid expansion pack. This came with brand new Rabbid-inspired avatars that players could use to crash the party and bring carnage to the metaverse. This new experience would only be available to holders of Rabbid Avatars, so old options are coming out alongside the new expansion pack.



Finally, there is also news on the partnerships front, as it was announced recently that one of Japan’s leading animation companies, TOEI Animation, would enter The Sandbox. This is happening in collaboration with Minto Inc, helping to bring the inspiration behind the likes of Dragon Ball, Sailormoon and One Piece to the Sandbox. It will bring a whole new feel to elements of the world so that users, new and old, can gaze in awe at the brilliance of TOEI Animation.


What is the Potential of The Sandbox?

The above highlights the potential of the Sandbox in that it shows the technology there allows for profit and creativity. On top of that, Sandbox as software constantly brings forward different avatars, experiences and partnerships, which keep its use exciting and relevant. As such, this is likely to be something that many people will start using in the future.

It also brings about opportunities for game companies and organisations that work with cryptocurrency and NFT. Given that different avatars and pieces of land exist on the blockchain, there are plenty of options for people specialising in decentralised tech. If you want to know more about how your organisation could use the likes of Sandbox to market what you do and turn a profit, then reach out to us at YouYaa. Our team of experts are on hand to provide you with as much help as possible, so if you have any questions or require further information, do not hesitate to contact us.