UK Fintech Lead Generation Strategies – Part 2

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UK Fintech Lead Generation Strategies – Part 2

Two days ago, we posted up UK Fintech Lead Generation Strategies – Part 1. We hope you found it useful and maybe even thought about implementing some of the ideas that we presented.

Today, you have the second and final part in the YouYaa step by step guide on how to generate leads for your UK fintech business and allowing you to grow and scale at speed. The final 6 steps are below.

Step 5 – Content may be king, but the video is the king of kings.

Video is unrivalled when it comes to fintech marketing, it always has had the highest levels of engagemnts of all the content types.

Man holding video camera

Everyone that has been to the cinema, watched a great movie on Netflix or YouTube, knows it is one of the few times that you are fully engrossed in what is happening in front of you. The viewer is fully engaged and concentrated on what they can see and hear at that moment in time. Video, when done correctly, is truly a very powerful marketing tool for your fintech business.

Think of your fintech videos as a short movie. Take the viewer on a mini journey that includes your product/service, includes lifestyle elements, the benefits and positive effects it brings in to peoples lives.

In step 9, we talk about the benefits of social influencers. When making videos, you want to get as many eyeballs on to it as possible, influencers are key here.

The modern fintech business needs to be a tech company first and very closely followed as a media company. Your fintech company should be churning out high-quality videos and video ads on a weekly basis, consistently over an extended period. It is, possibly, one of the greatest ways to create awareness for your fintech company.

Step 6 – Engagement is the social KPI.

Engagement on your social media campaigns is the most important factor, and even more so when looking at it on a long term strategy. No matter what type of engagement, it counts. Comments, replies or shares, engagement is the measure of success.

uk fintech lead generation - woman showing different emotions

Since you will be producing a lot of content, you will also need someone to share, engage and overall manage the social media platforms. Whenever someone engages with your brand on social, you must reply in kind.

Humans are personable beings, we like having friends and being in groups. The online world is no different. Tagging people in pictures, videos and written content, sending public comments and directed tweets is a very powerful way to get engagement back. Just remember to add some personality to the approach you take.

  1. Keep to a clear and simple engagement strategy
  2. Stay active on social media through regular posting and your interactions with your community
  3. Monitor your engagement rates on best performing posts

Step 7 – Branding be bold.

Your fintech company’s identity needs to be seen in everything that goes out in to the market (and even in your offices).

uk fintech lead generation - branding picture

Branding your fintech business is important, very important. It will be the first thing that people in the market will see and engage with. You have to make sure, it is absolutely on point.

Fintech, by its very nature, is a modern industry. You are the pioneers of new technology so your fintech company needs to have an equally striking brand identity. Modern, slick’n’sexy is the way to go.

The challenge with branding is it’s very subjective which means some people will like it, love it or the total opposite. So this means, you need to research your target market and understand what over 80% of your target market prefers.

A younger demographic, then go bold and bright. If it’s an older demographic, then opt for a smoother, more sophisticated style. Either way, make sure it is strong, clear and really stands out.

Step 8 – Under promise and over deliver.

One of the best ways to market yourself is to showcase when you over-deliver. Share the story, again and again, share how amazing and wonderful you are, it will send a powerful message that your fintech company always over-delivers on their promises.

uk fintech lead generation - women shaing hands

When a customer truly has had an amazing experience with your fintech company, they will share it with friends and family.

  • When customers are unhappy, there’s a 91 percent chance they won’t do business with a company again (Lee Resources).
  • Dissatisfied customers typically tell nine to 15 other people about their experience; some tell 20 or more (White House Office of Consumer Affairs).
  • Negative customer experience is the reason 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company (Customer Experience Impact Report).
  • Good customer experiences lead 42% of consumers to purchase again (Zendesk Customer Service Study)

Get your customer service right and you will find your consumers will do your lead generation for you.

Step 9 – Influence through influencers.

There are some really big and some not so big influencers on the fintech scene. We are not sure why, but most UK fintech companies are not using influencers in their lead generation efforts.

crowd of people throwing colour in the air

Fintech influencers are unique, they have the attention of a large community that fintech companies very much need and want, it is a no brainer to tap into this existing community.

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, whichever platform is your priority, get your Marketing Executive to find the influencers and setup agreements with them to share and promote your product/service.

However, don’t for the mega influencers. You know, the ones with millions of followers. What your UK fintech business needs are micro-influencers. People with followers in the 10,000 to 500,000 followers.

Remember, engagement is the key to social media success. These micro-influencers tend to have a very targeted following and are able to better engage with a smaller audience set. Quality over quantity.

Step 10 – Ad campaigns

There are so many ways to run ads now and it can be a bit like a dear staring at car lights as it speeds towards it.

digital marketing

Firstly, focus on digital marketing because online advertising is significantly cheaper, easier to set-up and manage than TV, print and radio ads. Plus, you can track end-to-end user engagement which you cant with the traditional forms of advertising.

Fintech marketing is about impact, the focus is to get their attention and make them want to become a customer of yours. If you get started with Google Adwords, YouTube Ads and Facebook Ads, you will find there is a significant opportunity for lead generation.

Remember, online targeting is far more targeted than ever before and it is significantly more efficient that a giant billboard on the side of a busy cross roads because you can’t optimise who sees the billboard, when, where or how.

Online ads can be optimised with a few clicks of a button and the impact can be profound.

Focus on tight targeting, excellent quality ads with a strong call to action and you will do well.

And that is it! Ten steps to success in lead generation for UK Fintech businesses. Go forth and grow your UK Fintech business with these amazing steps that we have used very successfully.

Exponential fintech growth

If you are looking to grow your UK fintech business and want someone to take the work off your hands, then contact us and we will work with you on a bespoke lead generation and growth strategy.


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