The Most Effective Ways to Get Customer Feedback

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The Most Effective Ways to Get Customer Feedback

There are quite a few ways that you can keep up with the aspects of your business that customers may or may not like, such as through Google Analytics; however, sometimes this just isn’t enough. One of the best ways to get a clear indication on how your product or service has been received is by getting customer reviews. These can be difficult to lock in, so this article will discuss some of the most effective ways available to get customer feedback. 


Why Is Customer Feedback So Important? 

Anyone who is in charge of or is in any way connected to an Ecommerce site, regardless of how big it is, will be aware of how important it is to gain customer feedback. It is an incredibly effective way to improve the overall marketing of your Ecommerce store. You won’t only be aware of that, but you will also be aware of just how hard it is to persuade customers to leave a review and a lot of the time, if someone does leave one, it is for negative reasons, as satisfied customers tend to accept their product or service and remain silent. 

If the only feedback you have are the very few people who have had a negative experience with your business, this could be awful for generating the interest of new customers. Not only that, but in lieu of positive feedback, you won’t be able to generate customer loyalty. 

It’s clear from the above just how important it is to ensure your online presence is flooded with positivity. So, how do you do this? 


Provide Proactive Live Chat Support 

This is obviously difficult to do if you are a small operation but if you have the manpower, providing support via live chat can be an incredibly easy way to obtain some positive reviews. No doubt the issues your customers turn up with will be solved easily and so upon completing their task, a simple survey or asking them to complete some feedback, is very easy to get into the conversation. People are generally more interested in leaving a review when they have actually spoken to someone and therefore this feature can come writhe with benefits. 


Provide Easy to Use Feedback Forms on Your Website 

This can come in a few different forms, either by way of a feedback form on your website or by way of a dedicated email for feedback. This is good because it means you will be able to address the complaints that some people might have had about the service they received, whilst also thanking customers who were happy with their service for providing such feedback. 


Keep in Contact with Your Customers 

If you are calling your customers on a regular basis, this can be an incredibly easy way to not only continue providing the kind of service you can pride yourself on but also try and obtain some feedback whilst talking to them. It’s a good method because it means you are getting first-hand feedback straight from the customer. Not only that, you will be able to hear the tone of voice of your customer, which will also help to gauge satisfaction levels. If the feedback is really positive you could ask them to leave a review on the site so it’s visible for any prospective customers out there. 

You will need to ensure the person who is calling the customer is well trained in client care and does not come across merely as someone who is conducting a simple sales call for the sake of it. If the call is executed well, the chance of a customer leaving feedback increases due to the fact they will feel genuinely valued. 


You should call customers during off-peak times as this will be when they are more likely to answer or at least give a callback. These times include between 8 am and 9 am and 4 pm and 5 pm. 


Use Email Surveys 

The best thing about conducting an email survey is you manage to get a broad overview of the entire experience, from the simplicity of using the website, to ordering, to shipment. It’s a good idea to send this out shortly after an order (maybe 3 to 5 days) so the memory of your service is still in the client’s head. You should also only send out these surveys to new customers as if it’s a repeat customer, you run the risk of annoying them.  


Keep an Eye on Your Social Media 

Social media users are famous for having little to no filter and so if you want genuine feedback on what your service is like, this is a great way to get it. You can search the name of your company to get this feedback; however, this takes time and there are tools available that can help. These tools aid what is called “social listening” and they will help to gather conversations that have happened on social media about a specific brand. Some tools include the likes of HootSuite, Klout and Social Mention. 


Ask For Feedback on an Order Confirmation Page 

An order confirmation page is a great place to ask for some feedback. Your customer has literally just engaged with your services and so it’s a good time to ask them about whether they faced any difficulty navigating the website. You can even ask for this feedback by using some kind of incentive, such as 10% off their next order. It’s obvious they like what you’re selling, otherwise they wouldn’t have purchased anything, so utilising this technique is a great idea.



It’s very important to try and obtain positive feedback as this is a great way to encourage customer loyalty and also entice potential new customers to engage with your services. It can be difficult to get people to leave feedback and then once you have that feedback, even more difficult to market yourself using it, it’s for these reasons that a lot of organisations opt for the help of Global Performance Agency YouYaa. Find out more about how we can help build your businesses presence online and help you grow as a result by getting in touch today.

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