How to Be SEO Savvy in Your Business Blogging

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How to Be SEO Savvy in Your Business Blogging

When it comes to finding different ways that you can get the name of your business out there, the range of different methods seems to be forever expanding thanks to the increased reliance on technology by organisations and consumers alike. One of the most popular ways to catch the eye of your customers is by improving your company’s overall SEO. This means that you are writing content on your site (and other sites) so  that when people search for a business that operates within your market, or ask a question about your industry, your site appears pride of place.. 

If you have ever written a blog post before then you are going to be fully aware of just how much time it can actually take. This comes down to selecting a topic, gathering different research and then actually taking the time to write the post in a way which is SEO-friendly. As such, when you finally hit publish, if you find that you are not generating the kind of traffic that you were hoping to generate then this can be a major let down. 

There are options available to improve your businesses blogging though, and ensure that everything you publish is SEO-friendly. This article is going to discuss these different means in more detail. 


Use Headings to Your Benefit

When you use headings within your blog posts, this allows the web crawlers of Google to better understand what your post is about and the sections contained within it. You should think of these web crawlers as readers who are merely skimming your blog. They will want a quick overview as to what your article covers and then a breakdown of the subtopics contained within said article. 

As such, you should ensure a good number of subheadings are used within your piece as a means to reflect the content contained within the body. Make sure that you include some high-intent keywords within your article as well because when you do this, you are going to be targeting your specific audience. In doing this, you then have a much better chance at ranking on Google for SEO purposes, specifically for queries that your clients might have. 


Try and Appear on Featured Snippets 

If you can appear on a featured snippet then this is a great way to ensure your business is one of the first things that prospective customers are going to come across. You will have seen featured snippets before essentially in every question you have ever typed into Google as they are the brief answers that appear at the top of the page. 

In order to appear within a featured snippet on a Google search then you will need to sufficiently answer the question that you want to rank for. For instance, say you wanted to rank for the term “why should you hire a copywriter?” You would put the question as your title and then all of your subheadings would essentially be answering that question, in some form of numbered list. 

You should also try to include a part of the question within your answer, for instance using the above example you would not simply state why you should hire a copywriter, but you would need to word it as “you should hire a copywriter because…” 

If you require a definition within your answer, be sure that you limit said definition to no more than 58 words. 


Don’t Write for Search Engines, Write for Humans

There are a lot of guidelines available when it comes to ranking for SEO and in the midst of all of these, it can become incredibly simple for you to forget that when someone searches for a question in Google, the first thing that they expect is an answer. As such, the standard of your blog post does not only need to be SEO compliant, but high quality and informative so that it genuinely provides value to the reader. 

This will mean including thorough answers within your blog post and also means you need to include scannable sections for any users who are looking for a quick bit of information. Don’t forget to also try and use visual aids wherever you can and organise your subheadings in an efficient way. 

Be sure to keep in mind the motivation behind potential buyers, as well as the challenges they will likely be facing and what their interests are. You also need to write about topics that will resonate with your customers. If you are an expert in your field and choose something quite niche because of that, this may establish you as a voice of authority, but is anybody going to actually come across that post? 


If You Are Using Images (Which You Should) Add Alt Text 

You are going to want to include images within your posts because customers can be deterred when they come across a post that is simply block text. It is important that when you do add images you are adding alt text to those images. 

This essentially means that you are taking a moment to describe what is happening within the image. You might not think this matters, but you are going to help Google understand why the photo is in your post in the first place. 


Do You Need Help with Your Blogging? 

If you are looking to start blogging with the intention of ranking highly on Google and improving the number of people who visit your site as a result, then as you can see above, there is a lot to consider. It can be difficult having the time to blog efficiently whilst also running your business. Therefore, if you need assistance then it may be worth enlisting the help of an organisation such as YouYaa

YouYaa are a marketing organisation that can help businesses of any size with their marketing needs. They will take the time to understand you and your brand and work out the best ways that you can move forward to ensure your business gets the exposure that it deserves. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.