Lead Generation Strategies To Scale Your Fintech Business

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Lead Generation Strategies To Scale Your Fintech Business

The competition for traffic in the world of fintech and online marketing is very fierce. In the early days of the web, a good idea could deliver a huge surge in traffic but these days, with more savvy web users and with the enormous scale of businesses online, it can be harder to see any sudden increases. Building traffic takes time and needs an effective strategy put in place and followed to the letter.

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However, there are various new and evolving ways of driving traffic to your site. You might not experience the huge boosts of years gone by but by implementing some of the following you will undoubtedly see a significant rise in the number of leads hitting your site. 

Email marketing

As a fintech business, you will spend hours and hours in your inbox as email is almost as old as the internet itself, ever since people have had email addresses, there have been marketers getting in touch to try and generate leads. And you know what? It still works. Create a targeted list of potential prospects in your market and then reach out to them via email with a personal message to try and start a conversation.

However, the first thing you need is to build a list of people who are happy to be contacted. These can be subscribers or social media followers, or even previous customers, but never send out emails randomly. 

Stay active on social media

This is another tip that feels like it’s coming straight out of the old school. Social media may have been around for a while now but that is no reason to ignore it or take it for granted. The social media numbers are huge and this is where your target market is likely to be hanging out, so use its potential. 

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That doesn’t mean that simply amassing followers is enough. You need to be driving them to your website. Post regularly, keep it short and sweet and drive traffic through calls to action. 

As you know, fintech businesses are all over social media, but recent studies have shown a drop in social traffic as social media companies have been down weighting organic posts in favour for ads. However, there is one medium that is still doing very well and that is the Live video.

Long tail fintech keywords

Rather than using the catch-all fintech SEO terms used by almost every other fintech business, try and target specific areas of your business by using the power of long-tail keywords. This may require a bit more research but by using these more niche words, you won’t be competing with half the internet for leads.

Long-tail keywords tend to bring business that is more ready to buy. That’s because the people searching for these terms already know what they are looking for. The more general major search terms bring traffic with a more general requirement, and you still have to work hard to make the sale. 

The power of the headline

The way people read content online is very specific. If their attention is not drawn within the first few seconds, you may have missed your chance. So, you need headlines that really capture the imagination. Companies such as Buzzfeed have made their online reputations with catchy headlines and you can do the same, without being overly sensational. But remember, great headlines only really work if your content is strong. Nobody likes clickbait.

Respond to questions

If a potential customer asks you a question on social media or any other visible platform, then respond as quickly as possible. If you leave them hanging then not only do you risk them going elsewhere but everyone else who is watching also gets the impression you’re too busy to get in touch. 

You should also respond to both good and bad reviews. Never let anything negative hang in the air for too long. It’s not good for business. 

Tag fintech influencers

It might not be pretty but by tagging an influencer you might be able to start a conversation. If you can get the right person’s attention, then this can be very good for business, especially as the influencer will be looking for new opportunities to expand their follower lists and engagement rates.

Evergreen content

There are different types of blog post. There are those where you give regular updates about what you’re doing – such as latest offers or adding simple news pieces. Then there are others where the purpose is altogether different. 

These tend to be detailed, valuable and long form posts where the aim is to provide long-term information. This kind of evergreen content can drive traffic over a long period and also rank higher in Google because it is deemed to be of more worth. 

It’s worth spending some time putting these bigger posts together, creating content that simply can’t be ignored. 

Start a fintech forum

Is there a place where potential customers go to discuss the kinds of goods and service that you offer? Is the existing forum well moderated or maintained? If not, then why not start your own forum where people can come to get answers and information. It’s a great way of establishing yourself as an authority and ultimately driving traffic and generating leads. 

Guest posters

Why not get some guest posters to write blogs or make content for your site? Team up with an influencer or fellow business in your market area to try and cross-pollinate the interest. It can be a good way to bring in new readers to your site, and you can do the same in return. 

Fintech webinars

This kind of video format is another great way of establishing authority and driving traffic in the fintech industry. Try and establish a small audience that is interested in the topic and then record a detailed and interesting video around the subject matter. Make sure you publicise and announce your webinar well in advance to generate interest.

Create a fintech sales funnel

Get your marketing guru to design and build a sales funnel that is focused to drive your target market to convert. Whatever you’re selling, a well-designed sales funnel that meets the needs of your target consumer will ultimately give you the scale that you are looking for.

Look after the details

look after the detail

Sometimes the devil is in the detail. Make sure your site is responsive and working fast. Potential customers can often be put off by a slow-moving site. Just a few seconds’ delay or a page not working can make the difference between generating leads and haemorrhaging visitors. 

Put your CTAs front and centre and make sure that all the glitches in your site are ironed out. When you’ve worked hard to get people to your site in the first place, the last thing you want to do is lose them at the final hurdle.