How to Market Your Crypto Business During the Festive Period

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How to Market Your Crypto Business During the Festive Period

We’re well and truly approaching the festive period now. The nights are getting longer and darker, the days are colder, and people are beginning to look up at the sky, hoping for a white Christmas. People’s mindset tends to change around the festive period, and if you run a business and are hoping to market yourself around winter, then you should be aware of some of the most effective ways to do this.

Though the foundations of marketing are relatively constant, they vary depending on your market. The crypto industry is one where your marketing strategy will need to change compared to other sectors. If you want to market your crypto business during this festive period effectively, then the article below will talk in more detail about the best ways you can do this.


Do Holiday Inspired Content Marketing

It’s simple when it gets closer to the holiday period, every business begins to make their marketing a lot more holiday-themed. This applies to a lot of retailers who will decorate shop windows to reflect a Christmas theme and also if they sell products that are specifically dedicated towards the holidays. That being said, even if these elements don’t necessarily apply to your business, you can still create content reflecting the festive period to stay in line with what consumers will be familiar with seeing. People really connect with the festive period, and as such, this is a good thing to tap into. By putting out holiday-inspired content, you are going to be able to bring yourself closer to your audience and better strengthen the bond that you have.


Give Special Thanks to Your Best Customers

It’s the season of giving, right? When you are in the run-up to Christmas, this is an excellent way to practice client retention throughout the new year by giving something back to your most loyal customers. This will allow you to effectively strengthen the relationship that you have with your clients, as they are going to know that they are valued in your business. Your thanks doesn’t have to be anything too over the top; maybe a virtual card, credit for the future or some kind of exclusive membership is enough to show your gratitude.


Put Together a Special Contest

Contests are a really fun and cost-effective way to promote your business and spread a little festive cheer. Think about the different contests you could put together to help you get more followers and expand your overall reach. Having a good community behind you and constantly growing people’s awareness about your organisation is very important within the world of crypto, so any tactic that can further build on this is effective. You can have a prize for the winner, like some credit for purchases in the future which will make it so people continue to work with you.


Sell Gift Cards

There are a lot of people who are going to be shopping for their loved ones at this time of year and as such, giving them the option to give their loved one’s gift cards is a good idea when it comes to generating sales. Everyone wants to buy people presents, but it can be hard gifting crypto, so by using gift cards, you can make the idea of gift-giving a lot easier.


Donate Money to Charity

If you are really trying to show gratitude for the success that you’ve had this year, then one of the best things that you can do is try to help others. A lot of people these days like to be able to connect with a business rather than just work with them, and by donating money to charity, you’re effectively showing your human side. You can donate to any charity that means something to you as this is not only going to help people in need, but it is also going to assist when it comes to having a solid impact on your brand’s reputation. The way that people perceive your business is imperative to its success, especially these days, as access to information is incredibly easy on the internet. As such, by doing something that will improve your public image, you’re going to be massively benefiting your business.


Offer Free Shipping

Given a lot of sales within the world of cryptocurrency are digital, this won’t apply to many businesses, but if you do sell physical products then it’s a good idea to offer free shipping around the festive period. Some of the physical products that crypto businesses might sell include the likes of ATMs and cryptocurrency wallets, as well as other forms of hardware. You could brand this as a festive deal, saying if people order before Christmas, they’re going to be able to take advantage of the amazing deals on offer and get free shipping too. You will likely drum up a lot of interest by doing this and increase sales as a result.


Do You Need Help with Your Crypto Marketing?

It’s important that you market your business effectively all year round, but when the festive period approaches, your marketing strategy should develop to better reflect the time of year. You also need to think about the industry that you work in because this is also going to have an impact on the way that you approach your marketing.

If you need help with putting together your marketing strategy in time for the holiday season, then consider enlisting the help of a marketing agency such as YouYaa. At YouYaa, we have a specific knowledge surrounding Fintech and Crypto so therefore are proficient with providing assistance on how you can market yourself. If you need any further assistance or have any questions, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.