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Zeeshan Mallick

Overcoming the Challenges to Becoming a Global Digital Marketer – YouYaa | Tech Times

The path to success isn’t an easy one. It’s one filled with an array of different challenges and barriers, constant peaks and troughs, good days and bad days and days where you just want to give up. A lot of the time, when you run your own business, it can feel as though you are […]


How to Market Your Web3 Business During the Festive Period

One of the biggest trends within the world of technology is decentralisation. Since crypto was originally founded in the noughties, it has grown rapidly in popularity which has led to the development of a number of other more private forms of technology. This can be seen in the increasing amount of cryptocurrency, the common use […]

christmas gift

How to Market Your Crypto Business During the Festive Period

We’re well and truly approaching the festive period now. The nights are getting longer and darker, the days are colder, and people are beginning to look up at the sky, hoping for a white Christmas. People’s mindset tends to change around the festive period, and if you run a business and are hoping to market […]

beginners guide to crypto marketing

The Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Marketing

Throughout the past decade, the crypto market has seen enormous growth. This has led to the development of a number of blockchain-based businesses around the world. Currently, there are several different business opportunities within the crypto industry; however, as its popularity continues to grow and the market becomes more defined, we will likely see that […]