Solino Home

Project Brief:

Solino Home a linen product specialist in New York launched a new e-commerce website to drive sales for their linen product range.

Solino Home had built its brand on Amazon with substantial sales and now wanted to exploit the opportunity of lower fees by going direct to the consumer.

With no brand awareness and never having sold anything outside of Amazon, Solino Home had its work cut out for them.

In November 2020, YouYaa was appointed to drive growth in both awareness and sales for Solino Home.

Step 01

Gather all information

Capturing the right information was critical as Solino Home had limited data due to the restrictions Amazon places on data access.

A number of critical research projects were launched:

  • An SEO audit was completed
  • Competitor analysis was completed
  • Traffic analysis was completed
  • Volume and projections were completed
  • Target market analysis

Total time = 3 weeks

Step 02

Find Solution & Solve it

With the extensive analysis complete, YouYaa digital consultancy team created a strategy that would ensure success for the Solino Home brand and for the website to perform by achieving the stretch goals. 

  • SEO content plan for 12 months to target critical search keywords
  • Organic social media posting and engagement strategy
  • Social Ads through Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads to support keywords the site struggles to rank for

A full 360 strategy was devised and approved to ensure as much coverage as possible to provide excellent brand awareness and drive sales.

Total time = 5 weeks

Step 03

Finally Get the Result

All activity launched in December 2020.  With the world in the grips of a global pandemic and increased competition online, YouYaa was able to drive exponential brand awareness and sales for Solino Home:

Sales targets were beaten from December by over 300%

Cost of sales has been 44% cheaper than on Amazon

Month on month, Solino Home has grown over 587%

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