Author: Zeeshan Mallick

predictive analytics

What is the Future of Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics is a hot topic in the world of data science and business, and for good reason. By analyzing data and using statistical algorithms to identify patterns and trends, businesses and organizations can make more informed decisions and better predict what is likely to happen in the future. But what does the future hold […]

crypto marketing

Crypto Marketing

Crypto marketing can be a complex and constantly evolving field. With the rise of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, more and more businesses are looking to get involved in the crypto market. However, marketing a crypto business can be challenging, as it requires a unique set of skills and strategies. Confidence in crypto […]

Zeeshan Mallick

Overcoming the Challenges to Becoming a Global Digital Marketer – YouYaa | Tech Times

The path to success isn’t an easy one. It’s one filled with an array of different challenges and barriers, constant peaks and troughs, good days and bad days and days where you just want to give up. A lot of the time, when you run your own business, it can feel as though you are […]

future of marketing in finance

What is the Future of Marketing in Finance?

There are many different ways to think about the future of marketing, and it is likely to evolve and change in response to technological advances, cultural shifts, and other factors. Some trends that are likely to shape the future of marketing include: Personalization: As businesses increasingly have access to data on their customers, there is […]