How to Write a Client-Winning Social Media Proposal

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How to Write a Client-Winning Social Media Proposal

Social media is more important now in the world of business than it has ever been before. As such, when businesses hire marketing companies or are putting together some kind of marketing plan, a strong social media strategy is of paramount importance. As such, it’s important that you have a good client-winning social media proposal if you are interested in winning over people and gaining their trust with their organisation’s social media.

Social media proposals tend to be documents where you can explain what kind of prospects a business has by engaging with social media and how your organisation will be able to meet these prospects. The pitch doesn’t need to be dull; it can be very well crafted and engaging which effectively shows how a business can benefit from a good social media campaign.

If you are interested in how you can put together a social media proposal that will stand out and appeal to your clients then be sure to keep reading as all will be discussed below.


Have a Clear Understanding of Your Client’s Social Media Goals

Before you start putting your social media proposal together, you need to ensure that you have a better understanding of your client’s goals with their social media strategy. The best way to do this is by putting some questions to your client before you officially put your proposal together. Some of these questions include the likes of:

  • What are your business’s current goals?
  • How do you plan on implementing social media marketing into your business’s current goals?
  • Have you engaged with social media marketing in the past?
  • If so, how did it work for you?
  • What are the positives and negatives you have taken away from your previous social media marketing?
  • In what way (if any) are you currently using your social media?
  • What are some of the most prevalent challenges that you and your business have faced with social media marketing?


Learn About the Target Audience of Your Client

You are going to put yourself in a much better position when compiling a client-winning social media proposal if you familiarise yourself with the kind of audience your client will be trying to appeal to. Having this information at hand means that you can cater your proposal and the social media channels you intend on using towards that particular age range, sex and location. You will be in a position to create marketing personas and then try to sell to them throughout your proposal.

As such, you need to do your research and answer the following questions about your client’s target audience:

  • What is the average gender and age range of their target audience?
  • What are the job profiles and suspected income ranges of target audience members?
  • Whereabouts does the target audience reside?
  • What are pain points, preferences and values?
  • What are the buying patterns of the target audience?
  • What are the overall goals of a target audience?

Create a persona using the answers to the above questions and then keep this persona at the forefront of your mind when working out how you can effectively market to them.


Talk to Your Client About Their Competitors

There are a lot of businesses out there that don’t tend to think a great deal about their competitors and this is a mistake. You need to talk to your clients about who their competitors are as there will be a lot and you need to keep them in mind when devising a social media strategy that is both unique and effective.

Identify who your client is most likely to clash heads and compete with and then set benchmarks against them. Identify what different strategies these businesses use that seem to be working and what doesn’t perform as well. You can take inspiration from this when you are putting your own plan together as you might be able to spot particular reasons why some things don’t work. Alternatively, you could focus predominantly on what is working and then implement these tactics into your strategy.

Once you have all of the information about your new client and their target audience, you will then be in a position to look into what their competition is like.


Do a Full Social Media Audit

The next step follows on from the information that you have gathered about your prospective client. You will have already picked their brain about what their current social media performance is like and what they would like to achieve, now using this information you have to have a look at what they are currently missing out on. The best way to do this is by performing a full social media audit. In doing this you can effectively identify:

  • What platforms are they currently using?
  • Which of their content is proving to be the most effective?
  • Is your prospective client currently running any ads?
  • How often are they posting?


Ask About Budget and Deadline

Finally, when you are putting together your social media proposal, you need a good idea of the budget your potential client has and when they would like the proposal delivered. As such, don’t hesitate to ask about these so you can incorporate the answers into how you put together a plan and how much time you spend on it.


Do You Need Help with Your Social Media Proposal?

Having a strong social media presence isn’t an option in the world of business anymore; it is an absolute must. As such, you must have a good strategy laid out that clearly outlines how your business can use social media and the benefits of doing so. If you need a hand with putting your strategy together, be sure to reach out to the likes of YouYaa who can outline the best ways forward for you. If you have any questions or require any further information, do not hesitate to get in touch.