Value rise is good news for investors

Last week saw was good news for bullish cryptocurrency investors as the market added $12 billion in value in just 24 hours. Bitcoin rose from $6,300 to $6,700. This halted a decline that had been happening since 3 May, despite falling short of the highest $10,000 valuation. However, these gains could still signal the start of a mid-term rally for the currency.

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Bitcoin has been relatively stable in the $6,000 region and this demonstrates more momentum for the currency. It has also meant that investors have become more bullish. They are predicting that the value will creep back up again to the $7,000 mark.



Blockchain platform to challenge App Store with borderless payments

A new platform, Bezant, is going to allow anyone to establish their own eCommerce content store and receive payments from anywhere in the world. This will reduce costs for consumers and open doors to emerging markets around the world. Currently, many small businesses and individual traders are missing out on the opportunity to grow as they cannot accept alternative payment methods.

Businesses unable to accept credit card payments or bank transfers could be missing out on many customers with money to spend. A new Blockchain-based system will help this large number of businesses and consumers benefit from end to end distribution and payment with vastly reduced transaction fees.

Large providers such as the App Store put small businesses at a disadvantage, with more than 90% of their revenue coming from just 1% of suppliers. Smaller businesses can lose up to 50% of their revenue once marketing fees and commissions have been deducted. This new form of Blockchain payment could make it much easier for small businesses to prosper in global markets.

Blockchain developers still in demand

The University of California Berkeley has launched a drive to help equip people with the skills they need to become Blockchain developers, launching an online certificate programme to help them learn the skills. They have identified that Blockchain developers are increasingly in demand and represent the wave of the future.

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Berkeley has realised that Blockchain developers are needed around the world, and with more than 7,000 students signing up to the course, it seems that it is already a hit. As people and businesses become more comfortable with the technology, interest has grown, and more and more Blockchain-based projects are being launched. But the industry has been slow to catch up, leaving a shortfall of developers.

The program is the first of its kind and will span three months, focusing on cryptocurrencies and permissioned Blockchains. It will hopefully equip students for a career in the distributed ledger technology industry. Blockchain skills have ranked in the top 20 for fastest growing job skills, with available positions growing by more than 200% in the last year. This looks likely to be the first of many similar programs to be launched in the field.

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