Wikipedia Widen Company

Project Brief:

Widen had long tried to update their Wikipedia page. Over the course of 7 years, a number of individuals attempted to make updates, including senior Widen people, however, all failed.

In August 2019, Widen approached YouYaa to access their Wikipedia expertise in the hopes to update the long standing Wikipedia page with specific new and expanded the information. 

A 6-week time line was proposed which was extremely tight given the amount or research, interviewing, content production and verification was needed. Nonetheless, YouYaa took the project and work was launched in early September 2019.

Step 01

Gather all information

Gathering information from the Widen archives, senior company members, partners and market research to bring all the relevant and pertinent information to the project. 

However, the data provided by the Widen archives was not to the standard that would pass approval in the Wikipedia community therefore other verified content had to be sourced.

An initial time line of 2 weeks was proposed including verification of all information. 

Total time used = 3 weeks.

Step 02

Find Solution & Solve it

Extensive market research, analysis of old records and conversations with the marketing team at Widen UK provided a huge bank of data that had to be read, sorted, analysed and then rewritten for Wikipedia.  

Finding the data was stage one, finding references and proof of work that would pass the high Wikipedia standard of excellence was stage two.

Additional resources were deployed to find the right information which allowed the YouYaa team to sort through the hundreds of links and allocate as proof of work. 

Total time used = 5 weeks

Step 03

Finally Get the Result

Having pulled together the required updates, rewriting to WIkipedia standard, finding references and proof of work, sorting and allocating links it was time to update the Widen Wikipedia page with the new information.  

A 5 day timeline was given to ensure staged updates which allowed the Wikipedia community of authors to check and approve the updates.  

Upon completion, all the new updates to the Widen Wikipedia page were accepted and hold without any changes.