Widen homepage

Step 01

European Growth Plan

Widen, a US company with a long history and a solid customer base looks to launch in Europe with their first office in London, UK. 

Wanting very specific business leads in all of Europe without going through the traditional methods of digital marketing, Widen approached YouYaa with the challenge of providing highly relevant leads for them to turn in to high value long term clients. 

Target: 50 highly relevant leads in Europe

Step 02

Find a Solution & Solve it

Widen, an organisation with an extensive catalogue of high quality assets including eBooks, eGuides, PDF files and numerous high quality videos gave the opportunity to utilise YouYaa’s Lead Generation through Content Syndication system.

Targeting Widen’s exact target market which includes organisations of a specific revenue level, individuals that match a specific criteria and a list of countries meant there can be no wastage in budget.

6 campaigns were designed and built to target Widens exact target market with a fixed cost per lead.


Step 03

80+ Highly Targeted Leads Per Month

The monthly target of 50 highly relevant leads was beaten every month with YouYaa delivering over 80 highly targeted leads every month.

This allowed Widen to launch in to the European market and begin their foothold in the highly competitive market of Digital Asset Management.