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Project Brief:

Zeux is a modern financial alternative Fintech business based in London’s exclusive Mayfair district. Zeux is a technology first financial provider that is built on blockchain technology to provide alternative personal finance options to the UK consumer market. 

In December 2019, Zuex had closed a round of funding that allowed them to focus on user growth.  With an ambitious target of gaining qualified user growth at a target cost of £10 per sign up and looking for up to 10,000 users per month, the everest challenge had been set.  

Having never run any digital marketing or lead generation activity before, Zeux needed a full analytics setup to ensure end to end tracking with correct attribution of conversions.

Google Ads, Programmatic Advertising, Facebook Ads and SEO. 

Being in the finance sector, competition levels are extremly high with competitiors that have very deep pockets.  Despite the average cost per acquision for the average bank is well over $50, YouYaa had it’s work cut out for them.

Step 01

Gather all information

YouYaa had just two days to understand everything that Zeux does, who they target, what their technology setup is and to come up with a solution and to activate it within 48 hours. 

Understanding what services Zeux provides and how were the primary focus for day one.  Spending the time with the CEO, CTO and Head of Marketing of Zeux allowed YouYaa to capture all the information they needed.  

Next was to identify what Zeux KPIs are, their success factors and what Zeuxs needs are terms of business intelligence, reporting and frequency.

In total, 1 full day was utilised to identify the process and objectives of the Zeux business.

Step 02

Find Solution & Solve it

Having identified all the primary elements of the project, YouYaa had just 1 day to build a solution, present and get feedback from Zeux, make changes and then implement it with a go live timeline of just one day. 

Taking over their analytics setup, installing a new attribution system, setting up new advertising channels including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, building a Programmatic Advertising solution and advising on their website all came in to play on day 2. 

YouYaa created both image and video ads to communicate the offering to the Zeux target market to ensure the maximum coverage possible.

YouYaa had built an entire solution within 1 day that targeted the right people at the right time in one of the most expensive marketing sectors in the UK, finance and fintech. 

Step 03

Finally Get the Result

A successful launch and just three weeks of optimisation had brought the average cost per acquision of a sign down to £16 from £21.

A further 4 weeks of optimisation brought this number down to £11.50 and in March 2020, the average cost had come down below the £10 target. 

Zeux now had the digital ads setup to grow their user base at scale. 

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