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Project Brief:

Kora Network, now known as KoraPay, was launching their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on 18th March 2018.  It was a global project to sell their digital currency, KNT, in exchange for BitCoin and Ethereum.

The CEO of KoraPay, Dickson Nsofor, reached out to YouYaa to find out about possible strategies that would bring his target market to their ICO landing page which in turn would entice them to invest in the project for a healthy return. 

Targeting traditional investors, cryptocurrency investors and individuals that are interested in broader finance in 18 countries was no easy task. With a limited budget to drive highly relevant traffic, a Programmatic Advertising strategy was devised as the most appropriate channel to tie in with KoraPay’s PR and marketing efforts in 18 countries.

KoraPay 60 Second Testimonial

dickson nsofor

Dickson Nsofor

CEO of KoraPay

Step 01

Building a Strategy

Using user data from the top 30 global ad networks, an appropriate targeting strategy was crafted to find the right balance between awareness and action based campaigns split in to prospecting and re-targeting users. 

Site tags were implemented, display ads were created to link the users intent to the action points on the landing page, and the 24 campaigns were built ready to go live one week before the ICO launch date.

Step 02

Go Live & Optimise

The Programmatic Advertising programme went live on time with brand awareness prospecting campaigns kicking off in 18 countries in 7 different languages. 

Given the short time line of the ICO, YouYaa had to optimise the campaigns manually for the first two weeks allowing enough conversion data to feed in to the system that allowed the AI to take over and optimise the accounts automatically. 

Realising Programmatic Advertising was very effective, KoraPay tripled the budget allocated to the campaigns. 


Step 03

Getting in Millions of Dollars

As the campaign progressed in to the final stage, the AI system was running 24 hours a day driving more relevance in to the account that drove the cost per conversion down by 79% and Programmatic Advertising became the most efficient channel. 

In 5 weeks, YouYaa increased the company awareness by over 3,000% in over 20 countries and an increase of 700% in sign ups.

The total amount the ICO raised was $12,000,000 in just 3 weeks.