Project Brief:

A group of storytelling experts, Standpoint is a modern Switzerland based business that has visions of clients all over Europe.  Working to support companies in improving their communication to their respective target markets, Standpoint helps to improve understanding between two parties.

As a B2B business, Standpoint was looking to increase the number of leads coming into their business to assist in growing and scaling their reach out into Europe. 

Faced with the challenge of limited time that was split between day to day running of the business, working with clients and managing sales, John Elbing, CEO of Standpoint was looking for a streamlining solution to drive leads into his business.

Standpoint was looking for 20 leads per month at a fixed cost and wanted a clear process of the sales function. YouYaa happened to approach Standpoint at this time and were able to sign an initial 6-month deal to drive more leads into the Standpoint sales function.

Standpoint Testimonial

Great “energy to results” ratio (and a really nice guy).

I have always found it really hard to reach out to potential clients. YouYaa has been instrumental in kick-starting my customer acquisition initiative. Of all the options (“magic solutions”) out there, YouYaa has implemented a practical, affordable (in time, energy and “daring”, as well as money), system that has very rapidly delivered dozens of direct video conversations with interested potential clients.

And Zeeshan is a really nice guy. He has never been pushy, he moves forward at my pace and is always there to be sure everything is running smoothly.

Warmly recommended.”

john elbing

John Elbing

CEO of Standpoint

Step 01

Gather all information

YouYaa spent 3 days working with Standpoint to understand what they did, the service they provide and the market they wish to target.  

Understanding the specifics of the Standpoint business was important due to the high touch nature of their service, therefore time was limited in the sales function. 

YouYaa quickly identified the main element that was missing from the lead generation process and thus an appropriate solution was proposed. 

Step 02

Find Solution & Solve it

The platform of choice for Standpoints limitation on time was YouYaa LinkedIn Growth.

This platform was selected as it directly solved Standpoints challenge, time limitation and is a fixed monthly fee so there are no unexpected or hidden costs.

YouYaa carved out a highly targeted sector and built a bespoke process for Standpoint that used their own unique method in communication and writing style. 

YouYaa LinkedIn Growth streamlines the Standpoint sales process and drove targeted leads directly to Standpoint. 

Step 03

Finally Get the Result

Standpoint was able to free up their time at the top of the sales funnel and focus more on growing their business rather than working on simple opening conversations. 

In the first 3 months, learning, optimisation and learning again allowed YouYaa to continuously improve the quality of leads coming into Standpoint which has lead to a steady increase in sales conversations. 

By month 4, Standpoint had over 55 live leads running simultaneously, 35 over the 20 a month target initially set.

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