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Grow your London business with 2 billion users

Target up to 2 billion people around the world through the YouYaa programmatic platform.  

Using 30 of the leading global ad networks to get you the best quality traffic ensures high-quality traffic from the get-go.

On mobile, tablet and laptop through to in app ads using HTML, GIF and Video ads.

Fintech advertising

Multi Platform Targeting

Advertising Strategy

You get the strategy you need for your business based on your KPI and your USP.

  • Prospecting to capture new people that have never heard of your business at the right time and the right place.
  • Retargeting to drive increased conversions rates for people that have already been captured but didn’t convert into customers or clients. 

A fully managed service minimises your required time and resources, so you can focus on evaluating the performance of your campaigns, and increasing your competitive presence online.

Grow your business

Insights into your business

You want the most cost-effective solution. YouYaa operates with 100% transparency, giving you unrestricted insights into margins, spend and performance.

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